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USDA Prime Long-Bone Tomahawk Steaks, Dry Aged From The Steak Source
Picture shows 42 oz.

Long-Bone Tomahawk Steaks, USDA Prime, Dry Aged

$ 85.50 per steak

Jaw dropping, that’s the first reaction most people have when a Long-Bone Tomahawk Steak is served. This steak is everything a Ribeye or a Cowboy is...and then some. It is a bone-in rib steak, emphasis on the bone! Where the cowboy steak has a 1 inch exposed bone, the tomahawk steak has a much larger bone exposed that we have completely cleaned for presentation purposes. This steak can easily serve two, and packs the most intense flavor of any steak we offer. Once you get past the show, you get to the substance. This is a prime piece of meat that we have tucked away in our dry aging room for the perfect amount of time. All the while its deep, rich flavors concentrating deep beneath the surface. This steak is a statement piece, and the statement is quite simple: this is the top of the line! Only the upper echelon of steak houses serve this cut, and now you have the chance to bring this extraordinary piece of beef to your own home. When the boss throws a dinner party, this is what he brings home!  Do we need to say more?


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