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Cowboy Steak, USDA Prime, Bone-In From The Steak Source
Picture shows 22 oz.

Cowboy Steak, USDA Prime, Bone-In

$ 36.50 per steak

The bone-in brother to the boneless Ribeye. Everything that you know and love about the Ribeye can also found in the Cowboy. If you ask a seasoned meat eater, they might even tell you that the Cowboy is preferable to the Ribeye. This steak will give you the flavor profile you know and love with a ribeye, with an added dimension. As this tender and beautiful steak starts to cook the internal flecks of fat spread out and intermingle with the natural bone taste. At the edge of each rib you will find that we have cleaned the last inch of the bone to give you a clean presentation. Just another added element to make this magnificent steak stand out. Each and every bite packs a punch, and after your meal there are two things that will be for certain. One, you will be reordering the Cowboy, and two, you will all be fighting for the bone!


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