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Ribeye Steak, USDA Prime, Boneless From The Steak Source
Picture shows 14 oz.

Ribeye Steak, USDA Prime, Boneless

$ 32.75 per steak

The Yankees or the Mets, a Ford or a Chevy, a Porterhouse or a Ribeye? One of the great debates in life. What makes someone partial to the Ribeye? It could be that it contains the glorious muscle known as the Spinalis. This piece, also known as the Rib Cap, has been a favorite of butchers from the beginning. The perfect mix of flavor and tenderness combines in a way that will make you savor every bite. Once you work your way through the Rib Cap, it’s already been the best meal you’ve ever had, and you haven’t even got to the center. The Ribeye is the piece that the USDA uses to determine the grade for the whole animal. This is done because the marbling is concentrated the most within this piece. Equally dispersed in this center cut steak, you will find tiny rich flecks of fat. When heat is introduced to the equation this fat liquefies and works it’s way through the eye of the steak. Perfect for Father’s Day, a lazy Saturday, or any day you feel like having a once-in-a-lifetime meal!


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