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Skirt Steak, USDA Prime From The Steak Source
Picture shows 16 oz.

Skirt Steak, USDA Prime

$ 10.95 per steak

Where the Flat Iron Steak only started getting butchered recently, the same cannot be said for the Skirt. Situated along the bottom of the animal, the Skirt Steak is the diaphragm. Although it has always been butchered, it didn’t always have the mass appeal that it has recently garnered. It was thought to be less desirable than a Ribeye or a Porterhouse and only in the last decade or two has it risen to prominence. In many grocery stores it will not only be priced more expensive than the so called “classic” cuts, but it will also outnumber the other steaks in the case sometimes 2 to 1. This gives you an idea of how popular it is now, and the reason for this is simple….FLAVOR! That is the hallmark of the Skirt.


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