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About Us & A Note From Our Founder

As a third-generation meat purveyor, I am extremely pleased to welcome you to The Steak Source, your internet destination for the highest quality, freshest, most generous cuts of beef, pork, and lamb. All of our products are cut and packed with loving care, ensuring you have a meal that you’ll talk about after the fact. The Steak Source is here for all of your meat shopping needs, not to mention premium gifts for your loved ones. Who wants another basket of canned cashews? Give 'em the best steaks in the land, sent right to their door. This site will evolve and expand as we add more products, create special promotions and design amazing gift packages. Your feedback is greatly appreciated in this process. If there's ever something you'd like to see at The Steak Source, don't hesitate to drop a note in the suggestion box found in the “FAQ’s” section of the site. Alternatively, you can always email me directly at Thanks so much for your visit to our website and happy shopping! And, by the way, maybe grab a napkin or a paper towel… we don’t want you to drool all over your keyboard.

All The Very Best, 

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Lee Seelig
President / CEO 

kent and is brought to you by the same team behind Main Street Wholesale Meats and Farmingdale Meat Market.  Main Street Wholesale Meats is one of the leading independent meat purveyors servicing the Tri-State area and Farmingdale Meat Market is Long Island’s finest butcher shop selling the finest meats since 1946.  Julius Seelig founded the business in 1946 and now the companies are run by Kent Seelig (son of Julius) and Lee Seelig (son of Kent).

While TheSteakSource.comjulius and kent is a new venture formed in 2016, three generations of meat industry knowledge and expertise are infused into the website and the product offerings.  When you buy meat from, you are going right to the source for the best!!  If you are interested in learning more about our parent companies, please check out