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1. How long after I place my order can I expect my delivery?

Orders can be placed on The Steak Source 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Based on when you order during the week, you might receive your product two days later or if you order later in the week, you might receive your product on Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week. Here is how it breaks down:
Orders placed on Monday will ship on Tuesday and you will receive on Wednesday.
Orders placed on Tuesday will ship on Wednesday and you will receive on Thursday.
Orders placed on Wednesday will ship on Thursday and you will receive on Friday.
Orders placed on Thursday will only ship on Friday if you have Saturday delivery in your area.
Orders placed on Thursday will ship on Monday of the following week if you don’t have Saturday delivery and you will receive on Tuesday of the following week.
Orders placed on Friday will ship on Monday and you will receive on Tuesday of the following week.
Orders placed on Saturday will ship on Tuesday and you will receive on Wednesday.
Orders placed on Sunday will ship on Tuesday and you will receive on Wednesday.
Please make sure that someone will be available to sign for the product and receive it on the day it will arrive at your location. All of our products ship with a signature required, so someone must sign for it.

2. How does the meat stay fresh?

All of our orders are shipped in cooler boxes along with gel packs to keep the meat cold. Even if the gel pack is not frozen solid, as long as it’s cold it is still keeping the meat cold. All of our meat is cut fresh and never frozen so if you want to freeze the meat upon arrival you can do that and enjoy at a later date. If you don’t want to freeze the meat, you should eat your steaks or chops within 5 days and keep them nice and cold in your fridge for that time. All of our meat is packaged to stay cold for 48 hours to allow for the possibility of a delay in the shipping.

3. What is your return policy?

If there is a problem with part or all of your order, please contact us via email as soon as possible after receiving the meat. We need to be contacted within 24 hours so that we can address any issues immediately. Refunds or replacements will be made when the mistake is clearly ours. For example, we can’t be held accountable if you provided us with a wrong shipping address or if you left the meat outside for 3 days. If we made a mistake, we will fix it by sending out new product the next business day. Your satisfaction is our primary goal.

4. Where do you get your meat from?

Since we already operate 7-day-a-week wholesale and retail businesses (Main Street Wholesale Meats & Farmingdale Meat Market), we have access to the finest and freshest meats available in the marketplace. All of our beef is grain-fed product from the Midwest which is known as the best cattle-raising climate in the country (if not the world). Grain-fed meat produces the rich fat content that results in a juicy delicious steak. Along with our beef offerings, we also are proud to sell All-Natural Colorado Lamb and Berkridge Berkshire Pork from Iowa. All of our meats are products of the USA. More products will be added on an on-going basis and the provenance of all cuts will be listed on the item description. If you ever have any questions about where the meat is from, please send us an email.

5. Should I immediately freeze my meat if I don’t plan to cook it immediately?

If you don’t plan to cook the meat within 5 days, yes you should freeze the meat. When you freeze the meat, it will stay good frozen for up to 2-3 months with no problems. When you are ready to defrost your steaks or chops, place them in the fridge about 2 days before you are ready to cook them, so that way they can defrost slowly. A general rule is that you always want to freeze meat quickly and defrost it slowly.

6. Why doesn’t my order look exactly like the picture on your website?

All of our custom cutting for is done by our wholesale division, Main Street Wholesale Meats. We NEVER cut in advance, everything that you order on is specifically cut for your order! Our butchers have a combined hundreds of years of experience cutting meat and that means you will get steaks and chops that are cut to perfection each time. Please keep in mind that all meat is a little different, so the steaks you receive will not look exactly like the pictures on our website. The marbling will be a little different, the “eye” of the steak might be slightly different than the photo, the fat covering might be a different shade of white. But, that is what makes our products so desirable, each steak is truly one-of-a-kind.

7. How soon after receiving my delivery can I cook it?

Right away. Go nuts. Enjoy!

8. What is dry aged meat all about?

You will see some “dry aged” products offered on our website. All of our dry-aged product is done in-house in our specifically designed coolers which monitor humidity, air-flow and temperature to ensure that the meat’s muscle fibers break-down at the correct rate to maximize the tenderness of the finished product. Dry-aging is time-consuming and expensive, that is why very few companies still do it. However, when you shop at you can rest assured that all dry-aging was done under the care and supervision of the butchers at Main Street Wholesale Meats and Farmingdale Meat Market. While dry-aged meat is considered the “best of the best” it is not a flavor profile that everyone enjoys. Take caution, you might not love dry-aged meat...and that is okay. Trust your taste buds, if you don’t love the nutty/cheesy dry-aged flavor, stick with something wet-aged for the future.

9. What sort of food safety precautions do you take with my order?

Main Street Wholesale Meats is a federally inspected wholesale establishment which means that The Steak Source follows the highest levels of food safety requirements. We have a USDA inspector on the premises EVERY SINGLE DAY WE OPERATE to approve our sanitation, temperature logs and overall meat processing practices. Food safety is a top priority of our wholesale and retail businesses, and that dedication is part of The Steak Source as well.

10. Is the 1946 Blend made fresh every day?

Yes! Like our custom cutting and our dry-aging, all of our grinding is done in-house as well. The Steak Source is proud to offer our award winning 1946 Blend which is a rich luxurious mixture of Aged Rib Cap, Boneless Short Ribs, Wagyu Brisket and Angus Chuck. When you buy the 1946 Blend from you are buying the freshest ground meat on the marketplace. None of our grinding is done in advance...everything you order is made specifically for your shipment.

11. I want to buy meat from you that is not listed on your site. What do I do?

Please contact us via email if you are interested in certain items that are not found on our site. Chances are that we can source the product for you or add it to the site in the future. We absolutely want your feedback so please shoot us an email with your suggestions.

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