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1946 Blend Burgers From The Steak Source

4 pack of 8 oz. 1946 Blend Burgers

$ 19.95 per 4 pack

When people started throwing around the term “steak burger” it was a novel idea. Over time the name was so widely used that the standard heavily varied. Nowadays a “steak burger” generally means they are using the end cuts of the worst steaks mixed together to give new life to an old product. With the 1946 burger we are taking the idea of what a steak burger was supposed to be, and giving it a new concept. What if we didn’t only use leftovers? What if we had the most flavorful and valuable cuts of beef, in this case dry aged rib cap, and wagyu briskets? What if we took these prime, dry aged, and wagyu cuts, worked them into a blend we have spent years perfecting and sold it as a high dollar premium burger? Would the demand be there, would people be on board to paying a little more but have a superior dining experience? The answer we found was a resounding YES! So much so that the 1946 burger appears on menus throughout New York, and is our most requested boutique blend by far.


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