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Ribeye Steak, USDA Prime, Boneless, Dry Aged From The Steak Source
Picture shows 14 oz.

Ribeye Steak, USDA Prime, Boneless, Dry Aged

$ 39.95 per steak

It’s impossible to put into words the feeling you get when sinking your teeth into a USDA Prime Dry Aged Ribeye. It’s a full body experience that starts with the eyes. When you see this gorgeous piece of beef you will realize you are looking at a piece of art.  When you’re cooking this steak, you’re not watching the clock waiting until you can sit down. You’re relishing the experience and breathing in an aroma that is second to none. When we tell you our team has mastered the dry aging process, that’s not hyperbole, and it will be incredibly apparent the second that undeniable smell hits your nose. Then comes the actual taste, which you honestly can’t put into words. For those who have never had it, no explanation will do it justice. For those who are repeat customers, no explanation is necessary.


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